Day 46: 50 Days Deeper

“Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.”‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:24‬ ‭NLT‬‬

When we think of inheritance we often think of someone dying and their last will and testimony bequiths us an estate and hopefully a large sum of money. For us as believers the inheritance we have been given is life. Jesus died on the cross, in doing so bequithed life on us, freed us from sin and death, if we would accept it. But unlike the earth inheritance we come to expect after one dies, Jesus didn’t stay dead, he rose from the dead. But he didn’t assume his inheritance back, he left it available to humanity as a gift, or reward if we would accept it and follow him. 

Now Jesus talked about inheritances and the value of them. He spoke of a sin asking for his inheritance, it was his, he was going to get it once his father die. Yet he wanted to enjoy the reward early, why should he wait thill his father was old and finally died. So he grasped it and went to use it however he pleased. Our inheritance from our loved ones is meant to help us have a solid ground in our lives. But this young man used it to live a life of pleasure. How often do believers accept the inheritance given to us by God and then use it as an excuse to do whatever we want with it. 

Jesus then goes on to tell us that the man got so far from his father and lost sight of his inheritance, losing it all on worldly things that he was literally wallowing in the mud feeding pigs. No food, no money, nothing but hanging with the swine. He took his inheritance for granted expecting it to get him through life. He hit rock bottom. He decided to return back to his father, begging him to accept him as as servent, he was already feeding pigs, might as well do that at home, he might just get something to eat there.

The awesome part of this story is that it saws that the father say his son a far ways away as he was returning. The father hadn’t given up on the boy. He was eagerly awaiting the day his son would return. God has not given up on you or those who have squandered their inheritance. He is eagerly awaiting their return to him. The father hugged and clothed his son, preparing a feast rejoicing that his son had returned to him. God Does the same thing when a child of his returns. He lifts them up, returns their inheritance, loves them, clothes them, hugs them.

So as a child of God,what are you doing with your inheritance? Are you using it to further the kingdom? We are called to reach others, sharing with them that they too have an inheritance in God the father.

Jesus, thank you for dying in the cross for me. I am so grateful for the inheritance I have in you. Let me use it to reach other with youlove, willing to be bold in my action and words. Life can be tough, but with you by our side it becomes more than bearable. Let us see others how you see them, the atthey matter to you, so they matter to us, amen.

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