Day 45: 50 Days Deeper

“Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure. But nothing is pure to those who are corrupt and unbelieving, because their minds and consciences are corrupted. Such people claim they know God, but they deny him by the way they live. They are detestable and disobedient, worthless for doing anything good.”‭‭Titus‬ ‭1:15-16‬ ‭NLT‬‬

There is a fine distinction in knowing of God and knowing God. How many ‘friends’ do you have that know you by name but don’t take the time to get to know you personally. This is what is happening in the world today. Most likely you have experienced a time where these friends have said somethings about you that if they really knew you would never had made those claims. Well thepeople of this world are making man claims about who God is. They have created so many variations of him that now it is hard for someone to even fathom who God is. 

We believe that God is a relational God who created us to connect with him. That he loves us, cares for us, wants to be involved in our lives. The world who thinks they know him, have given him attributes that are corrupted. The angry god, the genie god, the unobservent god, out of touch god, irrelevant god, dead god, and so many more. Others claim they know him and work to tell others, yet the way they present themselves does not reflect. We see this in ‘religious’ people who strive for riches, fame, power and lust. Their lives do not reflect a God who loves humanity, as they use God to make themselves better people. 

Some have met God and rest only on that one encounter. ‘Well I met god when I was 17, it was a bible camp. Best week of my life’. But ultimatly what have you done to foster the relationship since? Have you grown in your encounter with him, growing in him to reflect who he is? If an actor rested his career on the one good movie he made he would be known as a ‘one hit wonder’. But an actor who strives to work hard in his field will continue to push to make more great movies. We need to strive to keep our relationship with the Father current and meaningful. The bible tells us that those who draw into him he will draw into. Meaning that those who seek a relationship will get one, he won’t hold back from you, he desires it.

Today I pray that you evaluate your heart and relationship with God. Do you know of God or do you know God? The difference is immense. Knowing God is to embrace the relationship and love he has for you and the world. It is taking time in his word and in communication with him through pray. It is being obedient to the Holy Spirits callings and promptings. If you don’t feel like you know God today you can, talk to him, ask him to reveal himself in his word and dig in. 

Jesu, today I ask that you will help your people know you. For those reading this who know know of you, I pray that they will look past what they know and meet you for who you are. They are a child of God, I pray that they will experience a healthy relationship with you. Guide us to reach others with you love. They matter to you so they matter to me, it is time for us to be men and women of action. Amen

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